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Pile-dwelling village
3 Km 10 minuts
3 Km 30 minuts

In Lake Viverone, a few metres below water level in an area of marshes, meadows and poplar trees the remains of about 5000 piles embedded in the land that supported the structures of a large, ancient pile-dwelling village dating back to the Bronze Age have been extraordinarily preserved.
During the research campaigns a large number of artefacts was found (especially swords, axes, pins and other female ornaments), allowing to reconstruct the life of a Middle Bronze Age community dated between 1650 and 1350 BC. The artefacts are kept in the Museum of Antiquities in Turin and the Museum of the Biellese territory.
Inserted in the system of the "Prehistoric Pile-Dwelling Sites of the Alpine Arc", the archaeological site of Viverone is now also in the list of sites "Heritage of Humanity" placed under the protection of UNESCO since 2011.

Masino Castle
19 Km 30 minuts
14 Km 60 minuts

Nestled in a great monumental park, the lavish home of one of the most distinguished Piedmontese families, descendent in the myth from Arduino, king of Italy: a thousand years of history narrated in an itinerary between salons all frescoed and furnished.
Currently the castle is managed by the Italian Environment Fund and it is included in the circuit of the castles of Canavese.

Venaria Reale Palace
60 Km 45 minuts

Venaria Reale palace is certainly one of the most beautiful savoy residences.
Designed by the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte by order of Duke Carlo Emanuele II, who wanted to make it his hunting residence, it was built in very little time, from 1658 to 1679.
Majestic, lavish, his project was inspired from the construction of the greatest palace, that of Versailles.

Stupinigi Villa
80 Km 60 minuts

Stupinigi Villa is a residence, originally in fact used as a hunting lodge, erected for the Savoy between 1729 and 1744 designed by architect Filippo Juvarra.
The site, part of the circuit of the Savoy residences in Piedmont, was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.
Reopened to the public after important restoration works, the hunting lodge — among the most extraordinary 18th century estates in Europe — has full museum dignity with its original furnishings, paintings, cabinet making masterpieces and cultural design.

Sanctuary of Oropa
37 Km 48 minuts

The Sanctuary of Oropa is the most important Marian Sanctuary of the Alps. It is located in a unique and unspoilt scenery at 1200mt above sea level, just twenty minutes by Biella city centre. The monumental complex is developed over three terraces: the heart of the Sanctuary is the ancient church where the Black Madonna is kept.
The spiritual heart of the Sanctuary, the ancient church was built in the 17th century, following the vote by the city of Biella on the occasion of the plague epidemic of 1599. In 1620, with the completion of the church, the first of the solemn coronations was held, and took place every hundred years ever since.
The celebration of the centenary coronation of the Black Virgin will take place on Sunday 28th August 2022.

Mountain of Varallo
79 Km 70 minuts

The sacred mount of Varallo represents the most ancient example and of great artistic interest among the sacred mountains present in the Lombardy-Piedmont Alpine area.
It consists of a church, which is the final station of a path that winds through streets and squares, and forty-four frescoed chapels and populated by eight hundred life-size statues (made of polychrome terracotta or wood). The idea of building a sacred mountain on a rock wall that dominates the town of Varallo was conceived in 1481 by the Franciscan friar Bernardino Caimi.
By the middle of the 15th century — a strong need to replicate the places of the Holy Land — began to spread in the West, towards which the pilgrimage was becoming more and more dangerous due to the Turks.
At the basis of the project by Bernardino Caimi,there was a desire to replicate, for the faithful, all the most emblematic places of the Holy Land. The site was meant to be an authentic alternative to the pilgrimage.

Vicolungo Outlet
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