Sustainability and
care for the environment

Our philosophy of life, the care we have towards the environment and the surrounding nature, has led us to build and create a corner of the world where animals and man happily live together. Energy-saving light bulbs are installed in all indoor and outdoor spaces. The air conditioning and heating systems are among the most modern and all the amenities in the rooms are classified as having low environmental impact. All our windows are fitted with insulating glasses (glass-chamber), in accordance with the regulations on thermal insulation.
Likewise, all our bathrooms are fitted with a reducer that regulates the water flow of the toilet drain, the shower and the sink. Guests receive information on how to avoid unnecessary towel changes. We do not use dryers, but the linen is dried in the sun just as it used to be. We recycle glass, paper and plastic.

No chemical pesticides, synthetic fertilisers or genetically modified organisms are used in all the surrounding areas, which are characterised by a large grassy area and a wooded area with various rose bushes. The garden maintenance and flowering plants are carried out with organic products too.
We support healthy, natural and quality agriculture.
All our food products are "KM 0": pears, apples, peaches, apricots, blueberries, figs are almost totally organic and will give you the opportunity to taste the authentic flavours of the territory, niche products that you will be able to also buy directly from local selected producers.
Our vegetable garden and our orchard will offer you fresh seasonal products. Because food shapes our cultural identity!

Our friends
from the woods

Living on the edge of the forest and on the hillside of Lake Viverone, we are nestled in an oasis of peace where its inhabitants, the animals, trust us. In the morning, the awakening is given by the many birds, migratory and not, that come to enjoy the rays of the sun and the coolness of the big hornbeam that shades our garden area.
The evening is the best time to get to know our little friends: Gino the Hedgehog, Oreste, Olga and Arturo, cats coming from the woods looking for a refreshing meal, and many other curious little animals who come to peek to see what is going on. They obviously want to be involved!