A dream on Lake Viverone

Believe it or not, there are no accidents, destiny chooses for us sometimes. Lara’s career begins as an interior designer and restore of architectural works with a background in museum installation design and cultural events. Activities that are very different from that of an entrepreneur of tourist hospitality, a job that she has enthusiastically embraced, taking back the reins of her life to realise her dream. Among her lifelong passions, Lara loves to travel, not simply go on holiday. Always ready to explore and learn about different cultures and customs.


From her wandering all around the world she has come to realise that travel and hospitality are two sides of the same coin. Key ingredients for an unforgettable special holiday because “it is not time that has a value but it is what we do with it that makes it precious”, she likes to say. Her personal philosophy of hospitality is that of always creating a tailor-made experience, where each guest becomes the protagonist of a vacation characterised by the beauty of nature and the pleasure of always being looked after. Whether italian or continental, Lara will prepare you a delicious breakfast with the best local produce with an inevitable cup of italian coffee to enjoy, gazing at the lake. An excellent start to whatever you decide to do. Those who want to dive right into exploring the surroundings by walking or biking (e-bikes available) will receive the best suggestions and indications of the paths to follow for a regenerating experience. Instead, for those who just want to relax, the Lake House garden with its sunbeds and hot tub is waiting for you.

Creative Lara, loves to make ceramic and resin objects, floral compositions and restore furniture that you can admire in our B&B. On gloomy rainy days or to spend moments of creative relaxation together, she will share her artistic skills with you. The evening on the patio, maybe in front of a glass of good wine, wrapped in the colours of the lake, will be the perfect moment to talk and share our experiences of the day. Also surrounded by the sounds of nature, the friendly inhabitants of the nearby woods love the Lake House as well. Hedgehogs, squirrels, robins, woodpeckers and owls are always welcomed guests.

Our job is our truest


Sit back, relax
and enjoy.
We will take care of everything!